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About Firewater Package in Marietta, GA 30060

Firewater Package was started in August 2021 but the seed was planted for this venture over 10 years ago.  We have a large selection of wine from all regions around the globe. We stock both domestic and imported beer and specialize in craft beer. We have a full service beer cave to make it easy for our customers to grab and go.  Our spirit, liqueur and ready to drink selection are unmatch and wide ranging.... you name it we have it. We have made it easy to unwind, with our drive thru service, curb side delivery and beautiful showroom, there is no need to stress for recess. Our trained staff will help our customers with wine, beer, spirits and cigar selection. We will sell our products at the lowest possible price while giving you the highest in customer service yet maintaining a margin for profitability. Your purveyors, Michael and Christina look forward to being a part of that graduation party, that birthday milestone, those holiday get togethers, big summer cook outs, or.....just because. On behalf of all the staff at FireWater Package, we thank you for entrusting us in every sipping moment. 



                                                         Michael and Christina







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